5 Dangerous Foods

In our daily life, we unknowingly eat 5 most dangerous things which cause most of the health related problems, these are very common and taken without much thought.

These harmful foods affect our health rather than providing important nutrients and strength. cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, and diabetes have become a common problem among many because of these foods, let’s know about them.

Pasturized Milk

Pasteurization prolongs the shelf life of milk along with removing harmful microorganisms present in milk but it also removes enzymes, vitamin A, B 12 and C from it. pasteurization causes the removal of naturally available good bacteria in milk. calcium an important element for human bones and especially for children’s bone strength gets removed in this process. Many of us without knowing these facts buy and use pasteurized milk.

It is advised to use fresh milk rather than going for longer shelf life milk.

Polished Rice
Polished white rice is liked by everyone, polishing removes the outer cover of rice and along with that vital nutrient available on it and leaves “endosperm” only which has no nutrient values in it. consumption of polished rice is causing diabetes and high blood pressure. India is the world capital for diabetes. National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) published a book in 2017 in which they have mentioned that a rice in protein content in rice has been observed, in 1971 there were 6gms of protein in rice but now it is found to be 7.5gms. new varieties of rice, cultivation methods and changes in earth ecosystem is the main reason for this.

It is advised to eat unpolished rice which is available as brown rice in the market.

Processed Sugar

In early days sugar was made using sugar cane juice which was heated on a slow flame till the juice thickens and then made into blocks and used it as it is. Presently available sugar in the market is refined and processed to look whiter and in crystal form which has just calories in it. to make it look like that a lot of chemicals are added which are not good for health.

Sweets and desserts use a lot of sugar in making them, when consumed in limited amounts sugar benefits our health. in almost every food item available today in the market has sugar in it and that sugar is getting into our blood and causing serious health issues.

Dental problems are most common health issue related to sugar, children are more prone to dental problems as they consume most of the sweet foods.

consuming excess sugar will cause diabetes, eating food high on fat content will cause a lesser problem than eating processed sugar. obesity is another common problem. these facts were published by WHO.

Jaggery and Honey are an excellent and wonderful replacement for harmful sugar.

Refined Salt

Salt used in daily life is called “Table salt” this is produced at very high temperatures. It does not get dissolved completely in water, salt increases uric acid. due to processing naturally available sodium is less which is necessary to remove the carbon dioxide in the body.

Vegetables, fruits, and other foods have naturally available sodium in them which is enough for our body but to avoid vomiting, dehydration, and diarrhea we need salt.

Rock salt is the best replacement for salt available even black salt is also good for health.


Maida is a finely milled, More overrefined and bleached wheat flour. as it goes through such a process of refinement it does not have any health benefitsMoreover roti’s made of maida are so chewy that they are very hard to digest, they are light on the stomach so one has to eat a lot of them to fill the stomach.

Extreme mood swings, impotency, depression are found to be high among people who regularly eat maida flour. glucose levels increase in the blood due to flours but eating highly refined flours effect glycemic index which indicates hormonal balance.
so avoid eating processed flours replace them by locally produced grain flours.

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