A famous saying in Telugu goes as “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a beggar”. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which you take after a long gap of night where you do not eat or drink anything, breakfast gives the energy to do work all day through.

Many of us skip breakfast because of many reasons, are you also skipping your breakfast regularly? It is the most dangerous habit which will give you serious health issues. one should not skip breakfast at any cost. Women who skip breakfast regularly have been found to be diabetic (type-2). let’s look at some more problems which may occur.

Heart-related problems are most commonly found among people who skip their breakfast. doctors expressed their opinion that if breakfast is skipped high blood pressure, insulin problem and fluctuating blood pressures will be high.

If you skip breakfast sugar levels in your blood will shoot up and cause a headache. High blood pressure, frequent headaches, drowsiness and heavy head will be caused.

Hair Loss
Hair follicle growth depends on a lot on food which is eaten in the morning. Protein rich food will help keratin which stops hair fall and improves hair growth.

Breakfast should be a combination of food rich in fiber, protein and less fat high carbohydrate. high carbohydrate food digest slowly and gives energy for a long time. eating a fruit is also good. breakfast completes 1/3 of daily necessary for the body. vitamin c, d, calcium, iron should be included.

scientifically it has been proved that children and elders alike have shown improvement in concentration, mental strength, memory by having breakfast.

Glucose is necessary for brain, skipping breakfast will cause a drop in glucose in the blood. Obesity is also a result of skipping breakfast.

So start your day with a healthy breakfast.

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