Final Test

In the gurukul of Vishnu Sharma, Vijay, Ajay, and Daya were students who have completed their education and wanted to leave the ashram and go to their villages back.

They approached Vishnu Sharma and requested him to grant them permission to leave the ashram.

Vishnu Sharma said, “well my dear students, you all have put great efforts and studied really well and have passed all my tests. I want all three of you to come to my hut tomorrow in the morning before you leave”.

In the night Vishnu Sharma silently spread a lot of thorns in the way from their huts to his hut.

Next day in the morning when the students started to walk towards Vishnu Sharma’s hut they found that thorns are in the way and its hard to walk without getting hurt.

Vijay, however, bearing the pain walked over the thorns and reached guru’s hut.

Ajay carefully observed the path and tried not to step on thorns yet a couple of thrones got into his feet.

Lastly, Daya, when he spotted the thorns, started to pick them and collected all the thorns, branches of thorns and threw them away from the path so that others do not get hurt.

He went to his hut after that cleaned his hands and then ran back to guru’s hut.

Once all three of them have come to hut, Vishnu Sharma smiled and said, “Ajay and Vijay your education is not complete yet you have to stay for some more time here. Daya you have become a complete human being with the education I gave you, I bless you with happiness and health, you can leave the ashram”.

Ajay and Vijay were confused by the guru’s decision. They asked why are they not fit to go back to home?

Vishnu Sharma said, ” Vijay you took the pain of thorns and reached the hut, Ajay you have been intelligent in escaping them yet you could not escape all of them, but Daya being sensitive had removed all the thorns so that not only him but others do not get hurt. If your education does not reflect in your actions it is not true education”.

Education teaches you to differentiate right and wrong and your actions are observed and followed by others, so always pay attention to your actions.

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