Good For Good – Bad For Bad

Once upon a time in the city of Avantipur lived a boudh bhikshu who lived in a hut far from the habitat area of villagers. His daily routine was to meditate and would go round the village once to beg for food. whenever bhikshu met anyone he would greet them by saying “If you do good, you will get good, If you do bad, you will get bad”.

There was an old woman living that village she was very unhappy with bhikshu without any reason. She asked bhikshu, “Do you really believe in what you say?”.

Bikshu replied, “Yes, Buddha has taught me this and I believe it”.

The old woman was more unhappy by bhikshu and was waiting for a chance to treat him badly. old women’s jealousy grew day by day and she decided to do something very bad.

Old women mixed poison in sweets and offered them to bhikshu when came to her hut to beg for food.

Bikshu took the sweets and left to his hut, he did not eat the sweets and kept meditating. By evening bhikshu sat down to have food and when he was about to take a bite of the sweets somebody knocked on his door.

Bikshu opened the door and found a man at his door. bhikshu asked, “what do you want?”.

the man replied, “I am traveling from a very far distance to this village but as it is very dark I don’t want to go into the village as soldiers may mistake me for a thief, can I get shelter in your hut? I will leave as soon as the daybreak.”

Bikshu was thought to help everyone so he obliged and invited him into the hut. Bikshu offered the man sweets which he was about to eat.

The man ate the sweets and died instantly, by morning the news spread in the village and soldiers came and arrested the bhikshu and presented him before the king.

Bikshu told the king what happened, so the king ordered soldiers to bring the old women to him.

When old women came she saw the body of the man who has died she started to cry and abused the bhikshu.

King asked her if she has offered those sweets to bhikshu.

Old women said, “Yes I have given those poison mixed sweets to bhikshu as I did not like him but as he always said “If you do good you will get good and if you do bad you will get bad” I have done a bad act by offering him poisoned sweets but god has taught me a lesson by making the sweets eaten by my own son”.

everyone present there was shocked to know that. King understood that bhikshu was innocent so he ordered to release him and arrest the old women.

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