Horoscope Weekly(21st May- 27th May)

This week(21st May- 27th May) rashi phalalu:-

Mesha Rasi: Ashwini, Bharani, Kritika 1 Pada
This week career horoscope can help you to have a balanced view towards your career. It can also guide to avoid any mishaps in the workplace, as Aries’ are aggressive. Any averting problem in the career can be avoided. Finance horoscope can define the finance and money luck during the week. It also gives an overview for expenditure and proper guidance in managing the finance. Health horoscope can predict you to guide you to prevent about the incoming diseases. You people love to eat delicious and fried food, as Mars is their ruler. So, it’s better to take prevention. Aries love horoscope helps to balance the relationship and the love area. You are highly romantic and passionate in their love life. They love to be in love and not at all averse to share their love with anyone else. Aries people love to meet their one true love; they are loyal and ride off till the sunset with their partner.

Vrishbha Rasi: krttika 2, 3, 4 Pada, Rohini, Mrugasira 1, 2 Pada
This weekly career horoscope can help the bulls in finding a suitable job for the ones who are unemployed, their finance and money luck. Finance horoscope can help in analysis of the proper investment of money, and will warn of any discrepancy in the future. Health horoscope can help to predict any dangers of incoming disease and its prevention. You people love to eat junk food and they are highly dominated towards the sweets and delicacies. Therefore, it is better to avoid for future health issue.You can depicts the love and marriage possibility in the coming week. It also helps to resolve the issue in the martial life, if there is any reshuffling of planets in the star of the love. You people are highly sociable and they urge for love, they are trustworthy and loyal, so love horoscope per week can be useful for angelic love blessings.

Mithuna Rasi: Mrugasira 3, 4 pada, Arudra, Punarvasu 1, 2, 3 pada
This week career horoscope determines the career aspects and the favorable opportunities in the specific area of profession. It can help the unemployed people to follow the proper area of work for success in their profession.Finance and money horoscope can help these Mercurial to adapt a proper finance and money investment for the future. It sin also essential for them to hold a platform in any one area of finance because too much changeable nature can cause problems in their money life.Health horoscope can give proper guidelines regarding the diet and the routine they follow in their everyday life. You are prone to insomnia and disease of nerves due to fluctuating nature of their ruling planet Mercury; therefore, they have to be careful regarding their sleep.

Karkataka Rasi: Punarvasu 4th pada, Pushyami, Aslesa
This weekly career can help them to get a foresight of the profession and the career that can be favorable for them in the coming week. Cancer career horoscope unwinds the possibilities and the opportunities for strong career prospect. Health can help them to look over their weight as you is susceptible to gain weight due to their eating tendencies. They love to eat spicy food and they are lazy for the workout. Finance and money weekly horoscope give them a total insight about balancing the money and the finance of their investment. If investment is done in a planned way then it can be very useful for maintaining their bank balance. You are known for their sweetness and their soft nature, so they are particularly lovable in their groups. However, they have to be careful for the social links because their mates can deceive them.

Simha Rasi: Makha, Pubba, Utara 1st pada
This week’s career can give a definite direction for the career goals and opportunities in the coming week for the Leos. The new professional will get help regarding appropriate profession and the opportunities in the coming week.
Finance and money house. Finance and money can help them to plan their investment and financial opportunities carefully by analyzing the difficulties of the money. Health is fine and sound, the rays of the sun blessed them with an aura of good health. But sometimes due to unfavorable planetary aspects health might suffer, so Leo weekly health horoscope can warn about the incoming health problems as prevention is better than cure.
The personality of a Leo born are made of both positive and negative trait, so Leo should be careful about their negative tendencies as it may land them into trouble in the future.

Kanya Rasi – Uttara 2, 3, 4 pada, Hasta, Chita 1, 2 pada
weekly horoscope for career can give a better direction for the people born under this ascendant or the people who are ruled by this zodiac moon sign. Finance and money horoscope can give an eye of detail in the proper investment opportunities according to the cash flow in the economy. As they are quick witted and intelligent in their investment, Virgo born are the luckiest if they plan their money in a proper and systematic way. Health can give an insight about the incoming health complications and the treatment for the same. If you’re suffering from any health complication, then it’s better to take proper medication before it’s too late. Virgo’s are naturally inclined towards the health and they are health conscious but weekly horoscope of health can help them to shine to perform both in their career and in professional field.

Tula Rasi: Chitta 3, 4 pada, Swati, Visakha 1, 2, 3 pada
This week horoscope for career can help them to move their career in the direction that can reap benefit to them in the long run, Saturn, being the favorable planet for the Librans; people do well in the field of business and creative plateau. Finance and money horoscope can help in managing the finance properly because these people spend their precious money ruthlessly on their false friend, so money horoscope can help them to look at the risk of the future.
Health horoscope can help to have a proper check on their stamina and their energy because they love to eat spicy and sweet foods without any second thought of sound health. Love horoscope defines incoming love relations for single You and warns of any turbulence in the martial life of the partner or soul mate.

Vruschika Rasi: Vishakha 4th pada, Anuradha, Jesta
This week career horoscope can help in shaping the professional and career development in the coming week that could be lucky for them because sometimes their too much over confidence can destroy their career to a damaging extent. Money and finance horoscope advises the correct direction for the financial opportunity and investment plans for the future. A proper career and finance advice can also help to foresee the coming bad luck for a certain or a specific week. Health horoscope, advises the precaution and the adverse planetary transit that can cause ill health to the Scorpions. It can help them to have a proper planning of their health because health is the foundation for the professional and the personal life.

Dhanasu Rasi: Moola, Purvashadha, Uttarashadha 1st pada
This week career can help to plane their career and profession according to their choice and taste. They are dominated towards the field of knowledge and wisdom. They make great scholar and teachers. Finance and money horoscope is essential for proper investment plans for growth in the future. They have never lack of money; they spend their money to the utmost, so it’s essential for them to have a check on their finance investment and planning.
Health horoscope advises about the weak health. These people are prone to the digestive health issues and sometimes nervousness; therefore, Sagittarius health horoscope can give them a proper map of the health for them in the future and incoming week. Love and relationship weekly horoscope helps them to maintain a soothing relationship with their love and their soul mate, as their house of love is dominated by the Mars, difference may arise sometimes.

Makara Rasi: Uttarashadha 2, 3, 4 pada, Shravana, Dhanista 1, 2 pada
This week career can help in organizing and planning their career of their choice. Students and the new professional s can get a clear idea about the area in which they can succeed. It also predicts how the week ahead due to various planetary aspects.Finance and money gives an opportunity for better and the proper planning. The Saturn, Aquarius, rules the money house of this sign so it can predicts the market trend and the financial opportunity according to the transition of benefic planets in this rashi. Health horoscope depicts the incoming health problems. These people have good health even in their old age, yet it has to be maintained for proper well-being.

Kumbha Rasi: Dhanista 3, 4 pada, Satabhisam, Purvabhadra 1, 2, 3 pada
This week career horoscope gives a clear picture of the profession and the area of their work. These people won’t prefer to work in an isolate place, so career weekly horoscope can help them to choose better perspective in their area of work.This  weekly finance and money horoscope helps to have a proper planning of the money and the finance according to the cash flow in the market. Aquarius’s are success in the business of iron and trade, so people who are in the business and new professional can get better advice according to the planetary transit per week. Health horoscope advises the proper diet and exercise because they have a problem related to the ankle and the joints, so it is useful to get beforehand advice for proper health analysis.

Meena Rasi: Purvabhadra 4th pada, Uttarabhadra, Revathi

This week career can help them to plan their career according to the favorable points in their zodiac. In the beginning of the year, Mercury has departed from the career house of Pisces, being relieved. Finance and money astrology helps in the careful planning of the finance and investment. This rasi people spend a lot, therefore weekly finance and money astrology can give them a proper guidance for the planned investment for the same. Health astrology helps you to look over their incoming dangers to their health in the coming week or the later. They mostly suffer from throat problem and high cholesterol, so it is essential for them to follow a proper and a healthy diet.
This week love and relation horoscope can predict the love and relations with family members, friends and social circle. You people are ardent lover and if they get pain in then love life, they can down troll in depression.

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