Know Your Value

A man got a crazy thought and went to a temple nearby and asked the god “What is my value?”

surprisingly he got a reply from god offering him a stone god said, “Dear son, take this stone with you and ask people you meet, what would they give you in exchange for this stone in its true value? but be careful do not sell this stone”

The man went to a fruits vendor and asked him ” what can you give me in exchange to this stone?”

The vendor took a look at the stone and said, “I can offer you a dozen apples for it, are you ready to sell it?”

The man said, “sorry the stone is not for sale, I just wanted to know its value”. saying that he moved on.

Next, the man met a vegetable vendor and asked him the same question.

The vegetable vendor said, ” I can give you 10 kilos of any vegetables you like”.

The man replied “thank you, but it’s not for sale”, and moved on.

Next, he met a jeweler and asked him what he can give in exchange to the stone?

The jeweler was amazed seeing the stone and said, ” I can give you 50 lakhs for it”.

The man thanked him and was leaving when the jeweler said, ” wait, I can give you 4 crores. are you ready to sell it?”

The man said “No sorry, it’s not for sale” and moved on.

The man then went to a famous gems merchant of the town and showed him the stone.

Merchant said, “Where did you get this stone? I cannot pay you the value of this stone, in fact, no one could pay its value. it’s priceless, my advice is not to sell it”.

The man was shocked listening to the merchant, and almost ran back to the temple.

He told god what happened and said, “God, different men offered different value for the same stone, why is it so?”.

God replied, “You asked what is your value, think that this stone as you”.

The fruit vendor, vegetable vendor, jeweler have calculated value for that stone according to their status.

the merchant who knows the true value could not calculate it and declared it priceless.

Your life is also a priceless stone, people will always value your life according to their status, and your status. your value changes according to their need.

Every creature I have created is priceless, so stop comparing yourself with others and live happily as a priceless stone.

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