No Pain No Gain

In a village lived a farmer who was very religious and hard working. Every year he worked hard in his field but mostly crops failed because of floods or no rains or untimely rains, sometimes there would be high temperatures or very low temperatures all these contributed to low yield.

One day with a heavy heart he went to the temple and stood before the god and prayed to god “God! You are the supreme power and controls seasons, rains, the wind, and the sun, but I feel you do not know anything about growing crops, so only you are creating situations which are causing fewer crops for me. If you can give me the power to control these factors, I would do wonders and grow huge crops and fill everyone’s stomach”.

He heard a reply from the sky, “Ok son I give you the powers to control rain, wind, sun and seasons from now on for a year you can wish for what you want”.
Farmer was very happy with this gift from god.

As promised god did not intervene and farmer wished for rains, the sun, and the wind whenever he wanted, as the time passed he could see there was a field grew full of paddy. The farmer was very happy with his work.

When the time to cut the crops came, the farmer went to the field and when he held the crop he saw that it does not have the grain in it. His heart sank, he cried out to god and asked “Oh! God, what is this?”

God said, “This was bound to happen, you have not allowed any harsh conditions to touch the crop, those conditions put the crop to test and the grain fights to stay alive and grow to be a grain. When you have removed all the conditions needed for its growth, how can you expect any grain without that pain?”

Farmer realized his mistake. Just like the farmer men do not think problems in life as a test to grow in life, they feel it’s only them who have problems and all others have a happy life. Unless you go through the pain you can never grow as a human being, without hardship can never achieve targets.

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