Actual Companian – Four Wives of Businessman

In the city of Kasi once lived a rich business man, he had 4 wives and was very happy.

Somu loved his fourth wife more than his other wives, he used to buy her lot of jewelry, beautiful clothes and treat her with delicious sweets. He was very possessive of her he never allowed her to see his friends, she would always be behind curtains whenever his friends visited his house.

His third wife took great care of him, Somu had great trust in her. Whenever he faced any problem in business he used to consult with his third wife and seek her advice.

Somu’s Second wife was faithful of all, she used to take care of the household.

The first wife of businessman took care of all his wealth, she played a great role in building his business in early days. Somu did not like his first wife much and cared least for her.

In the winter Somu fell sick and his sickness prolonged for very long period, it felt to Somu that he would die soon because of his illness. He used to worry about his life, he said to himself, “I am so rich and have four wives, yet I will die alone”.

Somu called upon his fourth wife and asked her, “I loved you most of all, treated you very well than others, will you come with me in death too?”

His wife replied, “No, why would I die with you? and walked away from there”

Listening to her Somu was shocked her words pierced through his heart.

Somu called upon his third wife and asked her the same question.

For his request she replied, “Why would I kill myself for you, I am still beautiful and young If you die I will marry any other rich man and be happy”.

Somu called upon his second wife and asked her the ” I have always come to you when I had problems and you were always there for me, will you accompany me in my death too.”

She replied, “I have helped you all through your life, but I can’t die with you, of course, I will be beside you till your death but not die with you, sorry” and left him.

He heard a voice then “I will come with you dear, even in death I will be with you”. it was his first wife, who was very lean and not very good looking.

Somu looked at her and said, “oh my dear, you took care of me but I never really cared about you. I should have taken better care of you.”

In reality, everyone of us has four wives in our life.

The fourth wife is our body, we feed it well, take care of her so well, yet when death comes it will surely leave us.

The third wife is our wealth, which we keep hidden from others all life, but will go with others when you die.

The second wife is our family and friends, though we are close to them all through life, they will accompany us till death only.

The first wife is our soul, we work and act against our soul to keep all other wives happy all through life, but only our soul will accompany us everywhere we go even in death.

We have to make a strong bond with ourselves and never ignore her keep her free of burden.

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